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“The sports world can continue to do sports and competitions”, this is what came out of last Friday’s meeting at the Mathilde-Frébault Institute.A meeting whose aim was to reassure the sporting world “which can continue to practice its activities, but on condition that certain rules are observed”.

The Minister for Health and Prevention, Jacques Raynal, and the Minister for Youth and Sport, Christelle Lehartel, jointly supported the French Polynesian Olympic Committee (Copf) and the sports movement in the application of protective gestures and health recommendations, as part of the fight against the current health crisis, within sports federations and associations.

Last Friday’s meeting followed a technical meeting held two days earlier with the support of the Agency for the Regulation of Health and Social Action (Arass) and the Directorate of Youth and Sports (DJS).This meeting made it possible to draw up general recommendations which were presented to the country’s Covid-19 crisis unit and then validated by the health monitoring office (BVS).

Bruno Cojan, medical inspector, representing Arass, presented the measures validated by the BVS to the entire sports movement.These measures should enable it “to harmonize (its) practices and to be able to answer all the questions of (its) licensees on the respect of health measures during the practice of physical and sports activities”.

With 37 federations for 888 clubs, representing 46,134 licensees, it seemed more than necessary to work with the sports movement in order to limit the number of cases of coronavirus.

Other protective gestures (physical distance of one metre, frequent hand washing with soap), it is recommended to wear the mask when the distance cannot be kept. Athletes must bring their personal equipment (snacks, hydration, towels) for equipment that is purchased second-hand , it must be disinfected before use. As for collective equipment, it must also be cleaned and disinfected before and after each use. Sports venues must be cleaned and disinfected, effluents managed and ventilation and air conditioning systems controlled.

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