Covid-19 | Playing sports with a mask: is it really dangerous?

Covid-19 | Playing sports with a mask: is it really dangerous?

Breath, oxygenation ...wearing a mask is often a cause for concern.An even greater concern when it comes to intense exercise.But Italian researchers say that healthy people have nothing to fear.

Researchers at the University of Milan asked six healthy women and six men, on average 40 years old, to perform three sets of exercises on a stationary bike: first without a mask, then with a surgical mask, and finally with an FFP2 mask.

At the end of these sessions, the researchers observed the participants' breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels.

Ardèche: masks designed for sport developed by Chamatex

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Ardoix: Chamatex manufactures anti-Covid masks dedicated to sport under the Salomon brand

Salomon and Chamatex launch the sports mask

Tests to be deepened

Based on these observations, the masks have sufficient effect to be measured: for example, participants saw their ability to perform aerobic exercise decrease by about 10%.

"This reduction is modest and does not imply a risk for healthy people," conclude the study authors.They warn, however, that they have not studied a patient with cardiovascular or pulmonary disease.

As a reminder, wearing a mask prevents the diffusion of respiratory droplets through which Covid-19 is transmitted, especially in confined spaces.

Posted Date: 2021-03-19

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